Pulling an "APRIL"

Yeah yeah, I want to save money too. This will probably be my only post though! haha. I tried and did pretty good for my first try!

Here is my trip to Safeway:

SPENT: $23.52

SAVED: $20.54

And now I have my lunches for the next 3 weeks! WOOOOHOOO!!

My first trip was to Basha's

SPENT: $28.68

SAVED: $29.68


haha. All the Hebrew National's were all on sale for 50% off!!! WOO & HOO!!!


April Hardy said...

You totally pulled an April. Good Job! I like all those Aunt Jamima (sp?) boxes. I am jealous! I never look at Safeways ads because there isn't one close to me (well not as close as Albertsons, Frys, and Bashas). I wish I would have seen that. Did you get coupons for them? I forget to look online for coupons...nice job!! Now I expect you to call me everytime you have amazing savings!

Christy said...

Judging by April's comment you found all those deals on your own... Impressive.
I guess I'm the only Ardis girl left that doesn't coupon.

Cindy Ardis said...

You did good. It's fun huh!! Wow you did really good and just your first time out. Can't wait to hear more.

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