Out of Africa!!!

SO, This is actually making my blog out of order! However, on Saturday we traveled 45 minutes back towards Mesa to get here. It wasn't everything we were expecting, but it was a good one time experience. :) Here's a picture of the love of my life outside the doors.
Here we are waiting for the tram to take us up the mountain to see TIGER SPLASH! It was wicked hot though.
For 1/2 an hour there were 3 guys trying to lure the big cat tigers into the water. They eventually got both in. THis one's name was "Rejoice". She was huge. She looks big right? But check out the next photo!!

I took this one so that you could kinda see a perception of just how big this cat was. Compare her size to the fairly large lady by the fence. That cat is HUGE!

After the TIGERSPLASH we waited in line to go to a SERENGETI TOUR where they drive you around where animals actually are. Here is the Zebra herd: (this is the cute lil' calf)

I was actually the most afraid of the Ostriches... They were huge! And the guy said they peck pretty hard! I had both of them staring at me over the lip of the open bus thing... and it was pretty intimidating!

This was the giraffe that I was hoping to feed.. however the guy couldn't lure him away from the fence.

After the Bear swimming show, we walked over to the CROC POT where they were feeding this little guy:

We got some cool photos. This place was expensive though! It was pretty cool though. If you want to see a part of BEAR SPLASH! Here you go!


April Hardy said...

Cool! I will have to go in the winter time when Autumn is a little older and won't wander off or bother the animals. Thanks for sharing the photos. Looks fun!

Cindy Ardis said...

You are so brave!! I want to go to Africa, too!!!

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