The Nights are Short & the Days are Longer

Andrew & I have tried to eat "healthy" lately. We have cut down going out to eat & makin more dinners at home. At the present we go out to dinner Friday night for a "semi-date night" and maybe once another time if we don't feel like doing dishes. haha. We are trying to be a little more healthy, and also save money for the move. Here's an example of our dinner the other night...

Before: Grilled Chicken Salad

Here is Andrew's plate: *Smile*

I was craving cookies Sunday so I made a batch of GF chocolate chip cookies. After the first batch there was a chunk left that could probably make 3 cookies, so we made a giant one...

Soon all the other cookies were afraid.... (Sorry the stupid image won't rotate)

As some of you know, Andrew has been playing Stake Men's Softball for the pat month or two on Tuesdays/Thursday night. This morning was the championship! Andrew unfortunately had to work. We won in the 8th inning by one! It was an AWESOME game! I made me, Andrew, Shellie L, & her husband (Coach Lopez) tshirts for the "HARRIS HEAT". I also got the below 3' x 9' banner donated by Staples! IT was fun :)


Shell said...

Go Harris Heat! Love the t-shirts :)

Cindy Ardis said...

Your meal looks so good, makes me hungry and those cookies too. Who got the big one? I enjoyed this blog it was cute.

Christy said...

I wonder if the big cookie is an Ardis thing. Mark doesn't get why its fun to make one big one with the left over dough. He kind of throws a tantrum when I do it.

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