Things That I Find Random with Pregnancy

  • If something makes me upset/sad I either get angry or weepy. There is NO imbetween.... and I used to be able to hide it better.
  • Seems like pregnancy symptoms (i.e. ligament stretch pain, nausea, swollen feet) can go on for days and then randomly disappear! Or come for "flash moments" and then POOF! They vanish.
  • I notice that I am starting to waddle a tiny bit. I am assuming that will only get worse the larger my bump becomes.
  • I dislike that when I get a chiropractic adjustment. It only lasts about 24 hours... if that.
  • I am, as of today, 27 weeks, and a lot of people still don't seem to notice I'm pregnant. C'mon people. However, my tummy skin isn't even tight yet, so I'm assuming Baby Girl has a bit more room to grow before my skin gets "tight & itchy".
  • The other day I spotted this weird line protruding, and stretching from the middle of my bump, straight up to my ribs. When I pushed, it was pretty solid. So, I had Bryan feel it. We're pretty sure that was a leg or an arm... maybe a backbone.
  • No one could prepare me for the weird dreams.
  • I've never felt so much creativity block. I must be putting a lot of pressure on myself since every project I come up with for the nursery turns into a disaster!
  • THANKFULLY! No one has randomly come up and started rubbing my stomach like Buddha. Maybe I've perfected the "don't touch" vibe... or maybe they don't know I'm pregnant.
  • I can't believe that in a few more months she will be here. I'm so siked. It seems so far away.
  • As of Monday, I can't stop thinking about everything baby. Nursery. Baby Shower. Baby. Clothes. Baby. Pink. Baby. Brown. Baby. Flowers. Baby. Projects.
If my upcoming projects work out... which consists of updating a lamp shade, making a nursing cover, and decorating the walls... I will be happy to post pictures :)

Sanders Out


Hm. Where did July go?

Well, as of Wednesday I was 26 weeks :)

According to the app on my phone, Baby Girl Sanders is approximately the size of an eggplant (about 10 inches) and about 2 lbs. This coming Sunday will make 3 weeks since I've felt her moving around on a regular basis. I do feel kicking, but almost as equally I feel what I can only imagine her doing as a "ROLL", or maybe her shuddering like a cold chill. The only 'regular' time I feel her moving is usually at 5:30 am. Her kicks aren't strong enough to wake me up, but I think she enjoys karate chopping my bladder. Usually once I get back from the bathroom and lay back down, I feel her kicking. The last few nights she seems to have woken me up from bad dreams. The little sweetheart.

Now that we know she's a SHE, the next pressing question people have for us is "Pick out a name yet?" I am very reserved in sharing it. Not because I think someone will use it before me. I mean, come on, I'm due in just a few months- but really just in case we change our minds. I think we have found it, and when we are alone at home we call her this name. But I'm not ready to share yet :) It'll be our little secret for a little while longer.

At this point, my tummy is a more round shape, and definitely fuller. I finally "look" pregnant, and am starting to feel pregnant. Every once in a while when I don't feel her move often, I feel like my normal, alone self. I have only gained 2 lbs, and most of my weight is redistributed to my baby tummy.

One of my fellow Young Women leaders said, "For some reason pregnant women attract stupid people." I am beginning to understand that warning. Some people think I look small for how far along I am, some people say I look BIG. Those are the ones I want to slap with my new found pregnancy strength. haha. Just kidding. But it is interesting how everyone wants to put their two cents in. Some people are jsut beginning to notice the bump, and give me a funny look, and I nodd. They get so excited! And then they are baffled when I tell them I am about 6 months along. haha. It's kinda fun sometimes.

My mom said she would help me throw a shower. I am extremely grateful and excited. I think we picked a date at the end of September, but as of this moment I can't remember which day. hahaha. But, I am enjoying this little lady, and I can't wait to meet her. She seems to be a sweet addition already, but I am looking forward to getting to know her from my inside and out.

It's cool how I already feel spiritually connected to her. Like she understands me, and I can understand some of her feelings. I'm glad to have a little sweetie. She will definitely make our holiday season this year interesting!

Thanks for reading!


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