Hello everybody :)
We have only been here a few weeks, and already my accent is coming out. It's been busy, and slow. Last week we both had the week off (fancy that!) so we went to the Temple on Saturday. It was cool to see inside a different one other than Mesa's. We are enjoying: and the pride of the people who live here. We have already noticed how nice the people are, and how green it is. The humidity feels WONDERFUL. It's already rained at least 3 times since we've been here (2 weeks)! IT feels like paradise here. So obviously, a lot of changes have happened, the first HAPPY one is that we got rid of this:
That couch lived in my nightmares and my reality! *Shudder*
Oh yeah, short side story about our way here:
I had to go to the bathroom SO BAD! Andrew's dad said he 'knew a place' down some side road. Needless to say: WE GOT LOST.
This is the road we ended up following for some time: IT woulda been pretty if I didn't have to go so bad!

The good news is that we ran into this small store:

This place turned me into a pecan-lover. They had fresh turtles, roasted pecans... They were so good. The orchards we had just driven through were all (apparently) pecan trees for this store. Of course those two were FREAKIN' out because of the found memories of their pecan trees in the backyard in Duncan. They were super good, but a tad expensive.

Yes, we did get a puppy, stupidly. We named him 'Jackson'. He was CUTE, but he was trouble, may he A.I.P. (Adopt In Peace). We put him up on craigslist and gave him away on Wednesday.

The one thing I really loved about him, he was a snuggler. I miss that a little... but I also have stuffed animals that can do the same :)
Good news is, Andrew was able to transfer to another bank. I have a phone inteview on Monday for a Staples, closed-door facility in Irving. It sounds super awesome and it's "salary" based. I already have numbers in my head for what I'll accept. Otherwise, it won't be worth my time for all the toll-roads.
Hope you all are doing well . :)

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