A College Graduate!

Wow, I graduate in 2 days! Woohoo!!! It is an awesome excitement. I'm pretty sure that I wo't really feel like I've graduated until Andrew goes back in the fall and I don't.... & don't feel guilty about it!! Woohoo

This also keeps reminding me how soon August is coming. I've started packing up some loose stuff and frames that never made it on the wall. I'm exhausted, but still trucking. Literally the home stretch! The only thing Ihave left is tonight I have to do a final for my online class. It might be semi-difficult, but I think the teacher "likes" me and knows my style of "A" writing. lol.

I got my haircut today... it made me 1/2 hour late to class-- but I just don't care, haha. It's time for summer and graduating! Parker's birthday party is tomorrow night! It should be fuN! They are buying a HUGE chick-fil-a nugget tray... Yum (for everyone else). That reminds me: I am actually really hungry. Andrew was a doll and brought me Chipotle for lunch. I ate enough to make me full (which is a change). And I got really, really sleepy at work. I think I can sleep with my eyes open-lol. When I was covering someone's lunch break by being cashier I had a long line of people, and then I looked up to see a guy standing in front of me with a trashcan over his head.
My first instinct was that I knew him and he was hiding his identity. I was right. PHIL took off the black trash can and laughed. He couldn't believe that I still worked there! lol. He was in a class or two with me last year trough the NAU program. He still thought I was cool even though he drove an Aprila at the time!! Said that he had actually started collecting, fixing up, then selling bikes since the last time I saw him. I thought it was his wife's idea, but I think he is just trying to buy one really awesome bike instead of several pretty good ones. Anyway, he ran into me at Staples about 8 months ago and said hey, we gotta go riding. Never heard anything. Andyway, he wants to go now! Pretty darn funny how you run into people. He actually said he wants to give me a job. I'm hoping it's not something lame like ZRII or xango juice or something. He said he'd call tonight. we'll see whats going on.

I just realized how tired I was. It is frickin' 104 degrees outside and I'm out riding around like an idiot. Oh well. Just a few more weeks of this summer madness and the AZ heat "CAN'T TOUCH THIS" no mo! haha

I'm really grateful my parents came up for the graduation... even if it was just an excuse to come visit the grandkids. lol. it's ok. It was nice to have someone sitting by me at the dr's yesterday.

So, the dr. has decided to start loweing my predizone. Which is AWESOME. ... since I've gained 35-40 LBS since I've gotten back on it. I'm ready to fit into my clothes again. This sucks being uncomfortable all the time. Next week I get to go to the eye dr. AGAIN to get an exam for new prescriptions... so I won't have to squint so much and have headaches so often. It kinda sucks. But it will all be over next Friday! New contacts & maybe glasses! Woohoo!

Anyway, peace and love peeps... peace and love



The Canciennes said...

I remember when I graduated, I felt like I was supposed to be doing something all the time. I was always a procrastinator (sp?) and always had that guilty feeling b/c I should had been studying or something. So for months after, if I was watching TV or something, I had this feeling I was supposed to be doing something. Make sense?

Christy said...

At least you have an excuse for your weight gain. And a pretty good one.
Congratulations! I'm so excited your graduating. And jealous that you're walking.
Did you know there's like 1000 calories in a Chipotle burrito. That's probably not what you eat but that's why I'm full all day!

Cindy Ardis said...

Staci we are so excited about your graduation too. It will be so awesome. I'm so glad you won't be so busy, so when we come to visit we can see you more. I enjoyed going to the dr. with you. I am so happy you asked me to go with you. I miss doing all those things with you. But mainly I just miss you terribly. I am so glad you are planning to move to Dallas, I hope everything works out smoothly. I can't wait till you get there. I love you! And tomorrow I'm looking forward to driving up to Flagstaff and watching my youngest child graduate from college, we are very proud of you.

Lexa said...

CONGRATS! I am very happy you guys got to enjoy each other and slow down after the graduation. Here's to the summer of "only" work instead of work, school, etc.

Chris and Tara Andrus said...

Congrats on graduating!! You are amazing!!
Do you guys know for sure when you are moving? I might be coming down for a week in August to help my Dad out and it would be great to see you before you take off! Cause who knows when I'll see you again once you move to TEXAS!?

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