Not Real Sure

I... wish I knew what to say. Seems like everyday, I have so many things on my plate that I'm afraid I will miss something. However, I was going through my sD card, and here is our story so far:

Here are our pumpkins we carved a few days before Halloween. Andrew's is the one with the eyes on fire :)

Here is what the dude drew on my legs with lotion one week before the wedding (went for a pedicure). The left leg has wedding bands, entwined hearts... the right is a flower with "Nov 7th)

Here is one of the few pictures we took in Sedona...

He is definitely the cutest thing ever. He makes Santa look GOOD

Yeah... bought him a helmet as an early birthday present :)

And here is basically the first picture of me.. ever on my bike. I've only had her for a year :)

Anywho, thanks for looking through a picture history of the last several months :D


Babies & Kiddos Everywhere!

So, Hello there.

Arpil... yeah, I spelled that the right way! Just had baby No.2 Weston! Ya know, I love kids, little ones. So I was sad that he was born Tuesday morning and today being Thursday, I felt like a waste of an aunt... :( So, I got to stop by after work today to visit with April and Mom. Let me tell you, I just think April is so gorgeous. Especially when I see her interacting with lil' Autumn. She is just So sweet with her, and she talks to her like she is an adult. I LOVE that. I want to do that. I despise baby talk. Anyway, back to the hospital--

So, April was saying how she could take me to see the baby. I was patient. Drew showed up, so he decided to walk me over there. Oh man. We walked into the dim light room, and Drew walked straight to a little plastic cradle. I peeked over the edge to see a little boy wrapped so tightly in a papoose of a blanet, all I could see was his head. He was facing the wall, so all I could see was his profile. As soon as I leaned over him to see his chubby little cheeks, I gasped. His little eyes peeked open and he started to move a little bit. I just wanted to pick him up and let him stretch out. His blond hair was cute and stuck to his hair. Tears welled up in my eyes as I realized that yes, this was Weston Hardy. Suddenly, a really overwhelming love came over me.

This boy, was meant for April and Drew. He was/is going to be Drew's little tag-along. I had the feeling that even though we don't know all about him, this guy was going to be great. He is going to be a loving child, a happy one. I can't wait to get to know him. He is beautiful.... *gulp* It... made me... want one. :(

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