As many of you know- I LOVE dressing up for Halloween! I can usually coax Andrew into any scheme- like our Smurfs from last year :) This year however, was a bit reversed. I had had a rocky Dr's visit the day before our ward party, and I was still an emotional nightmare. I debated all day whether I felt "good enough" to go.

Andrew, seeing my sadness, perked up in hyper gear and came up with a last minute idea for costumes that luckily, we had all the pieces for!

(Sorry, I did the same picture twice, but it won't let me erase it!)

And SURPRISE! Everyone knew EXACTLY what we were! DISNEY TOURISTS! And of course, most of the little girls are dressed as princesses, so we would run up or point them out & yell, "PRINCESS! can I have your autograph!" People were laughing, and it was fun. Andrew took random empty photos with my SLR all night. It was funny. He ahd the goofy look and everything! I give him props for that one.

Even the next day at church we had people saying, "Hey kids look- there's the tourists!". I was surprised that everyone liked our costumes that much. It was fun to be there.

Thanks Andrew, for turning that weekend around for me: I sure do love you :)



Lynaya said...

I love it! You guys were so good to play the part as well as dress up. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It makes me wish I could have seen it.

Christy said...

I just fell in love with Andrew. How fun!

Kristine said...

I love clever costumes like that. And Kudos to Andrew on his cleverness, lol. I may steal that costume next year :)I'll give you full credit though ;)

Lindsey said...

Great idea! Good job, Andrew. :)

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