That's right- Delivery Day! I am so close I can taste it! I can practically feel her in my arms.. the little warm breath on my neck while she snuggles on my shoulder. That sweet smell that only is available to newborns...

And as I listen to the sound of hard rain on the window... I am at peace. Wednesday will mark my 37th week! Whew. I am still working (Thanks for helping out Mom- it has been a LOT less stressful with your help!) , still feeling good, and now am just IMpatiently waiting for this little girl to make her first debut.

How do people seriously wait this long to greet their little one?? I mean, I know you don't really have an option... but the SUSPENSE is killing me!

When will labor start? Where will I be? How long will it take?

Another problem I'm sure is that I'm expecting it any day... anytime. I know we won't make it to November 9, especially since my dr has told me so! He's told me whenever I want to be induced he will do it. However, I really want her to come on her own. And hopefully that is REALLY SOON! I guess especially since the last couple of weeks I finally feel "prepared"- or as prepared as I can be at this point- I am more anxious than ever. It's like me saying "I'm finally ready- c'mon baby! Anytime!"

I just.. can't wait. I think I will cry from happiness instead of pain whenever I do go into labor- knowing we are just hours away from looking at her face, inches from our own.

People tell me that you miss having them on the "inside". It's like now, I don't have to share... she is all mine. I know her and she knows me... and Dad's voice (that's right Andrew- "DAD"!) And, once she comes, she will have a lot more people in her life. They say I will miss the little bumps and protrusions from her moving around in my tummy. My little nudger did a first last night.

She is head down (THANKFULLY!), so she usually lays on her side in a c shape if you are looking at me from the front. Her little backbone sticks out on the sides and sometimes I can feel her spine all the way to her little rump up top! But last night, she decided to turn over in a different way than usual- I pulled my shirt tight against my stomach to see better. I watched as what could have only been feet walked across the top of my stomach, turning herself onto her other side. It was amazing! So so cool!

Enough of my rantings! I am going to go watch the rain through the window!

Yea for New Life!

-Sanders Out


Cindy Ardis said...

That's beautiful! What a lucky baby. And you have been so blessed! Can't wait to meet her too,

Andrew said...

It's so wonderful I can hardly wait myself! I can't wait to be a dad. I have a strong feeling it's going to be a lot of fun parenting with you <3

Andrew said...

(and P.S.) -- with a mom like you Staci, you know our little girl will be gorgeous! I Love you)

Lindsey said...

I totally understand the suspense--it really is a killer! As much as I wanted the babies to come on their own time, there came a point when I just wanted to MAKE them come right away!! I waited until after my due dates to be induced with both, but still, it was sooooo hard to wait!

When she finally gets here, your life will never be the same, in a good way. A great way! :)

Lanise said...

I love how excited Andrew is! It is had to wait especially the last three weeks! I went into labor with Darrell in the middle of relief society! ha ha ha You and drew are going to be awesome parents!!! She is one lucky girl!!! I can't wait to meet her! Oh and you guys can have whatever recipes you want, I'm not stingy with them!!! :)

Lynaya said...

I love how excited both of you are. I think we are all very excited! I hated waiting for D-day. Lucky, or not so lucky, for me I had high blood pressure every time and had to be induced before my due date. I always wondered what it would be like to just go into labor and have to rush to the hospital. Hopefully she will come soon and safe. You and Andrew are going to be great parents. I so can't wait to meet her.

Lexa said...

I believe in waiting for myself to go into labor a bit myself...But only one really went "normal" I suppose, Caroline after I got adjusted!

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