Finally Feeling Ready

So, as of yesterday, I am technically on vacation until October 12. It has been a definite privilege of sorts to be able to keep my feet elevated, and accept the times I am tired and just close my eyes for a few minutes on the couch. I don't think I realized how hard I was pushing myself. Of course, at work I can't exactly tell the 3 people vying for my attention, "Take a seat, I need to just breathe for a few moments in the other room". I guess it is the stubborn Ardis in me that makes me rush through those moments in order to keep going through the end of the day. Usually by the end of my 4, 10 hour days that I crash on Friday. On Saturdays for the last month I have been working a second job for a friend, but it was usually 8-6 straight. So I was glad when I talked to him last week, and he suggested I not come back. I don't think I could keep that up for the next three weeks anyway. It made Fridays a total recoup day from my "real job", and Sundays a total fiasco from my "second job". But don't worry, though I may have "quit" my second job, this little momma plans on working her real job right up to the end if I can manage it.

My shower was last Thursday. It was slightly overwhelming. I was glad I wasn't like Rachel (off the show 'friends'), where she has NO IDEA what any of the stuff is for. I knew what every single gift's purpose was. It was a tad reassuring. Over the last two days we have been sorting, returning, and purchasing the few things we still needed. As of this afternoon, I feel like we have collected everything we need to welcome this little girl home... whenever she decides to join us on the outside :)

The shower was good, but when I walked into my mom's house after work that night, I got an ASTOUNDING surprise that I had to do a double take for. My sister Christy, and her 6 month old Ben, were standing in the kitchen, huge smiles on both of their faces. Needless to say the waterworks fell for me. I couldn't believe that she had pulled off this surprise! She flew in all the way from Mesa to come. It was awesome. It was fun spending the weekend with her and getting to know Ben better too. Of course, seeing one sister always tugs for the other as well. I know April would have been there too if she could of. Having Christy here made me miss April even more! It's crazy, yet awesome, how family connects in different ways. But, we always yearn to all be together.

The shower itself was good (ditto), but I can't say I totally enjoyed having 25+ pairs of eyes staring at me while I open gifts. I wouldn't say I am a shy person, but being the center of attention for a party makes me uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure I didn't even eat any of the yummy desserts until the games were being held and I could be by myself.

So, as of this moment, I am feeling reassured that our home is as ready as it is gonna get for our little one to come.

I did go to the OB on Tuesday. They hooked me up to "THE MACHINE". The fetal stress test machine that is. It was slightly scary that it took the nurse about 5 minutes to find baby's heartbeat. However, it was soon apparent why. As soon as the nurse found the heartbeat, it disappeared a moment or two later. She would find it again, and then it would disappear again! Baby Girl was making her play chase! It was slightly funny to me that the nurse was "getting served" by my baby. haha. It was less funny, however, when the nurse said, "Here MOM! I am putting you responsible for keeping this pad near her heartbeat while doing the test." I watched her leave the room and thought this test would only last a few minutes. Nope. anywhere from 30-45 minutes later- my hand was shaking from trying to push this little plastic pad on my belly trying to follow wherever baby was going!

The doctor came in and took a look at the readings. He said baby movement looked great, right on track (Which is always reassuring). He then pointed out to me all these "hills and valleys" on the paper.
"Have you been feeling any contractions?" he asked.
Me: "NO. why?"
He points to the sheet of paper, "See all these hills? Those are contractions. You've been having them the whole time today at your visit... every few minutes"
Me: "Huh."
Him: "Are you sure you haven't felt any pain or discomfort?"
Me: "No, I would tell you if I had. Maybe I thought it was baby's movements when it was really a contraction."

He checked me and confirmed I'm not dilated. But it had been fun to see the "stupor" look on his face at every visit when I am doing well. Things did turn a little sour after that since some of my labs weren't looking as good as I was. However, he has just decided to see me twice a week from now on instead of once. Things are okay, so don't worry. :) He is just taking precautions to make sure this little girl arrives healthy and on time!



Kaycee said...

I finished B's hat. It's so adorable that you might one for yourself, but maybe not in hot pink. :)

Lynaya said...

Hopefully the contractions now will make labor a lot easier. It is good to stay busy enough that time goes by fast, but also have plenty of rest for a good, healthy baby.

Cindy Ardis said...

Glad you thought the shower was "good". It was worth all the effort. You had a lot people, and got some really good stuff. It's exciting things are going so well for you and you are all ready.

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