Doctors, Dummies, and Drama

Soon I will not be lazy enough to scan in some newer ultrasounds of our baby girl.

Update: Last Friday Dr Appt

Sonogram: Lady continued to tell us that baby has a big head. A big "SHOUT OUT THANKS" to her. Then she told us she weighs about 6 lbs. Which, I am not too concerned about since they are pretty much always wrong. However, she told us she was doing a 3D ultrasound, and we did catch some shots of a lot of hair on her head. Which was awesome! And we also did catch a smile on her perfect little lips. Then we had an argument with her (my parents were there too) about who she looked more like. She thought baby looked like Andrew, and we all concurred that she looked just like my baby pictures. Obviously this sonogram lady is off her rocker. I'm beginning to think she doesn't like me and just wants to make me cry by saying that my baby's head is big, she is already 6 lbs at only "33 weeks", and that she looks like a boy. And also after we told her we did not want to pay $20 for prints, she did it anyway and ended up charging us. Awesome... and I'm the one who didn't even want to do 3D.

But whatever.

However, it does tend to prove my theory that our due date is wrong. I am thinking November 1st. The sonogram lady said the computer's calculations said it would be possible for her to be born technically "full term" October 25. However, it is more than likely that she will be born closer to her due date. Of course, why would I believe her? See my above paragraph. lol.

And then I think it's remarkably ironic that people think that due dates is when your child will really be born. Sure, it gives you a date to look forward to. However, it is just a guess people. No one knows but your baby and the Lord. Like I have told a couple of people that I think she will be here the 1st of November, and 9/10 people would say,

"Well, you know, most first babies are born late."
"Well, you know, most first babies are born only a few days early."
"Well, you know, don't get your hopes up. Mine was late by _____."

And since I am working I can never tell them what I really think of them in that moment :)

Here is what I am usually thinking:

"First off, you don't really know me, or my pregnancy.
Secondly, I am glad you are an expert on the subject.
Thirdly, I have no idea when we actually got pregnant- so you tell me if my due date is accurate or not.
Fourthly, Consider when we went in for the first time they estimated that I was 14 weeks. Everyone knows the farther in pregnancy you get, the harder it is to be accurate.
Fourthly, I wasn't asking you."

So it looked like my problems have nothing to do with people randomly coming up and touching my belly.

However, it is harder to shut an insistent dumb person up, then it is to slap a hand away.

Wow. I totally didn't mean for this to be a slightly rant post. Sorry peeps. I am really excited. This Thursday is the baby shower. I am nervous but excited. This is happening... really happening. I say I "can't wait" for her to be here. But I can, because I want her to be healthy and happy. I just want to hug her and love on her... I don't think I was prepared for this little girl that will soon change our family and lives. However, I am gonna try to be the best mom I can... and I know I will never be happier :)



Christy said...

"And fourthly, I wasn't asking you." That's quite funny! But yeah Staci, this post makes you sound pretty anti social!

April Hardy said...

Just remember all this when you talk to first time moms in the future. It's hard to not tell your experiences and think you know it all because you've been there. :) Everyone's jut excited for you.

Lynaya said...

YEP, it sounds like you are at the end of your pregnancy. I really think that others should keep their grubby hands off your belly. It is NOT theirs to touch. I'm so glad you and your baby are doing good. We can't wait to see what she looks like, but we always like a happy, healthy baby.

Heather said...

People drive me crazy too. And being pregnant really makes it hard not to say something rude back. Who tells a pregnant lady her baby has a big head! Really, how sensitive are you. She and the lady that told me I was GINORMOUS must be friends. Because you definately don't tell a pregnant lady she is ginormous either. When I was pregnant with Bryce my first ultrasound said Feb. 16th. Then my next ultrasound said Feb. 7th. My doctor agrued with me every visit about his due date. Well, Bryce was born on Feb. 7th, thank you very much! And that was with people telling me 1st babies never come early and you should stick to your original due date. People, gotta love them!

Rebel said...

Thanks for the support Heather & Lynaya ;) April & Christy- you know me. lol.

Lexa said...

There is a small group of women I know who never tell the actual date, just November. Or if their due date is the end of November, they say December. Because they don't want people to keep asking why haven't you had that baby yet?

I know they screwed up Katrina's due date, moved it up three weeks, back one, and in the end, it was right the first time.

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