Note to Self

There are some symptoms I have dealt with currently, and also in the early days of pregnancy.

Things I do not want to forget for all natural help in pregnancy:

  • Heartburn (check)- Cardio plus (aka. vitamin B & cocuten)
  • Nausea/Queasiness (check)- Cataplex B (aka vitamin B)
  • Swelling feet/legs (check)- AC Carbamide (diarectic that helps the kidneys)
  • Headache (check)- Cardio plus
  • Zero Energy (check)- Adrenal Dessicated (helps adrenals with fatigue)
  • Restless/Sleepless (check)- Cataplex G (all 12 B vitamins to calm the body)
  • Congestion (DOUBLE check)- Antronex (to reduce stress on the liver caused by pregnancy)
  • CRAVINGS (TRIPLE check)-head to the nearest seller ASAP... and don't ask questions. :)
haha. Yes, my pregnancy is going REALLY well. SO WELL, that I sometimes forget I'm pregnant :D It is a strange feeling... especially when baby girl decides to bring me back to reality by playing the bongos and practicing karate in my tummy.

Compared to what other women have told me about their pregnancies, this baby girl seems to be very laid back... :) Which is fine with me. It just makes me nervous when I don't feel her for a long time. But whenever I start to worry, it seems like she knows... because I usually get a little reassuring jab from her telling me she is A.O.K.

We are working on the nursery! I was going to go all out, painting the walls, making murals, crafts for the walls. However, now that I am 30 weeks... I have pretty much given up on time consuming, intricate projects. However, I did make a vinyl creation on the wall with her name and cute damaske designs. I am also recovering a lamp shade... which should be my next post :) I am surprised by how well it turned out. I have a few more final touches for the lamp shade. I am still holding out on setting up the bedding.... Firstly, I don't want it to get dusty. Secondly, I think I will wait for a day when my hormones are already raging so that if I start to cry as I put it together, no one will be the wiser :)

Anywhos... Happy Thursday :)

I have a 4 day weekend... and I am going to enjoy EVERY MINUTE. Especially the sleeping in. Even though I can't sleep past 9 these days. There is just something wonderful about waking up without an alarm clock and knowing you have NO WHERE to be, that is just..... wonderful.

Tomorrow we are going to register for the baby shower. It will be interesting and I'm hoping I will not feel TOTALLY overwhelmed as we browse the aisles. For all you baby name crashers out there- ENJOY THE WAIT. hehe. We will reveal the name when we are ready!


-Sanders Out


Lindsey said...

Can I suggest two things to register for, that I have LOOOOOVED for Jake and wish I had for Bekah? First is a temporal artery thermometer. It's the kind that looks like a thin flashlight with a weird top; you use it by pushing a button and pressing it to the baby's forehead, then running it across their forehead. I have used it to take my kids' temperatures while they were SLEEPING and it is wonderful! Second is an "it's been" timer. I'm not sure if they have them in stores--I got mine online. But it's a little timer that has different buttons for feedings, diaper changes, naps, and medicine. It helps you keep track of how long it's been since you fed (or changed or slept) the baby. It kept me sane because I didn't ever have to write down times or remember clock time (which is nearly impossible when you're so sleep-deprived). AND it has a night light, a back light, and a little switch to help you remember which side you last nursed on. Excellent piece of technology!

There's a super long comment and lots of unsolicited advice for you! ;) Glad to hear that you're having fun with the nursery and learning an important rule of mommy life: sometimes good enough is just right!

April Hardy said...

You don't need all the silly stuff that they sell, even though it will all seem like you couldn't live with out it (like the diaper geenie, wipe warmer, tummy time mats, etc...) Monitor, baby themometer, baby bath tub, bouncer, baby wash, lotion, DIAPERS, WIPES, some simple toys, extra bedding sheets, recieving blankets, bottles- those are some of the basics. It's so fun. I love registering. Go to Target! They give you a goody bag just for registering with baby stuff and coupons, so does Babies R Us.

Ky said...

I second the temporal artery thermometer. We used them all the time in the ICU and they are especially great for youngsters. While it may seem kind of pricey compared to other thermometers, they are much more accurate (it gives a true core temperature) and much easier to use. Be sure to tell us where you register so we can see what you and Baby Girl Sanders need!

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