Whenever I feel like I have stuff to post about, I get to this point and i realize that I really don't have anything else to say.


I love ANDREW.... with all my heart. He is truly the reason for me living everyday. He brings a smile to my face, and peace to my soul every time he walks in a room. I thought I knew what love was before him... but I was deadly wrong.

I love being married. We had a discussion about this the other day. How sweet is it to be married to literally your best friend? It's awesome. Stupendous. The best decision I have made my whole life.

I love my family. I wish all of us could live closer. I miss my sisters and their beautiful children.

I am currently in the process of getting a volunteer position with Arlington PD for victim advocacy. I am super excited and can't wait to start training. If all goes well, this could eventually lead to a hopeful job opportunity for me in the future.

Got to go, my super hott hubby needs my attention. Later!


Lindsey said...

We just can't go wrong with these Sanders' boys, can we?! I have to say I feel the same way about Malcom after 8+ years.

I'm glad you guys have started so strong, struck out on your own, and haven't rushed into having children. Your marriage will be stronger because of these things. :)

April Hardy said...

Rushing into having children isn't a bad thing. It does things to your relationship that takes you to a different place, a stronger place. Rushing into having children is right for some people, while it's not meant for others. I think it's all part of H.F.'s plan. Do you think on my own I would've chose to have 3 kids in 4 years? Absolutely not- but a higher power saw me fit and blessed us with our first child 3 days after our 1 year anniversary. (Can you tell I am quick to defend myself and others when people mention "rushing into having children" w/marriage??)
But I am glad you love your husband so much! And that you know you made the right choice in picking him. It's been nice having him as a brother in law.

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