Remember the Post from February?

The weather was beautifully chilly! The picture above are the trees that are between us and the tollway.

Andrew got creative (after seeing a neighbor) and started using our dust pan to shovel snow!

My car was pretty elaborately covered
The trees were mesmerizing... it was like the snow made a back shadow to make them 4 D
Area to the side of our building (golfcourse area)
The infamous graveyard behind our building... SPOOKY
The snow was definitely deep!! Came up to mid calf in this area!
A cute family of a mom and 2 young boys had a snowball fight and built forts the whole time I was shooting
The view from our balcony.
It gives me shivers just to think about it!

I love you guys! Enjoy the Dallas' record snow season!!!!

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Ky said...

Great pictures! At least the weather is now warming up for you guys. Well, at least it was yesterday when I went through the DFW airport. Too bad I didn't have an extended layover to see you guys!

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