All right. I'm ticked. i just spent 45 minutes writing this post & when I hit "PUBLISH" it brought up an error message. STUUUUPID!


April Hardy said...

That sucks. I am sorry! That's lame. What did you say?

April Hardy said...

p.s. If you're really upset I would make more PUPPY CHOW and eat to my hearts content. :)

Cindy Ardis said...

Oh Sorry, that's happened to me while trying to put up pictures!

The Canciennes said...

I was uploading pictures from easter a couple months ago. It stopped automaticly saving after four pictures. It takes me about five minutes to upload one picture and I had about maybe forty of the fifty I wanted to post. I left it over night to finish in the morning. Well my computer does this crazy thing where it likes to restart its self at night sometimes. When I woke up all I had was four pictures in the draft. It took me a week to even think about doing them again!

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