BAM! 2013

"IT'S 2013! TAKE THAT MAYANS!" -Stephen Colbert

WOW. *Catching Breath* 2013 has already had us on a marathon of adventure!

As of this week we have moved from our nice 3rd floor apartment to a rental HOUSE! Yes, you read correctly! One of the biggest timing issues for applications and move out days has already lead to a HUGE trial of Faith completed. Luckily my parents are in the area and let our homeless selves crash at their house for 3 days while we waited to hear if we got this rental property.

WE DID! We moved in Tuesday and are still unpacking. I had to work all week, so it has been going pretty slow. we are probably 95% done. Luckily I got some overtime that paid for the fridge we had to buy! Just the "misellaneous" boxes are left, really.

So now we have a garage, a yard, and the best yet? NO 2 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS!

This has already changed our grocery store shopping experiences for sure! We don't have to lug everything upstairs which is a real blessing.

In March Logan & Sadie will be moving in too! This is going to be a lot of fun! Rent will be super cheap. We'll have close friends to help keep us on track for FHE, scripture study, etc. I'm way excited. This house seems kinda big and lonely when they aren't here.

Everyone else has posted their goals, so here are some of mine:

  1. Daily Family & Personal Study
  2. Cooking- I really need to start cooking dinners at home more. This whole week has been pretty much fast food because of the whole fridge situation, so now I'm grateful I can keep food fresh and make it fresh!
  3. PLAY. I realize sometimes I take myself WAY too seriously. I need to be better about getting on the floo, turning the TV off, and playing with Brooklyn. She is so fun and I need to devote more one on one time with her (especially since I am still working).
  4. Figure out our family. We know we would like several children. Heavenly Father has let me in on a few glimpses of our family... I know there are more beautiful children waiting for us. I have been constantly wondering when the right time to consider getting pregnant again would be. I would LIKE to be pregnant by November (Brooklyn's 2nd birthday). Andrew is not so sure. But if the next child is like unto the story of Brooklyn, Heavenly Father pretty much tells us when the child is ready to come and for us to be ready. I feel this time is coming soon. Andrew... still in denial ;) We will see I guess!
I think this is all for now.

Sanders Out


Christy said...

Congratulations on the house! Can't wait to see it!

Lanise said...

That is awesome you guys got into a house!!! We hope your holidays went well. Always good to set goals for yourself. You'll have to get your new address to me! Hope to see you guys soon, WE MISS YA!!!!

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