Hunger Games Viewing Party

So! I finally did it. Finally got the chance to have a movie themed viewing party! I invited my brothers & parents & closest cousin Logan & his wife Sadie to Bryan's barn for a Hunger Games Viewing Party!

Here's some pictures:
(I am trying out the blogger app & it won't let me write captions. Anywho- enjoy!

We had themed food that during the different locations in the movie we would serve those foods :)


Christy said...

Really? You did all of that? I'm impressed. I didn't read the book, so I don't understand any of it. But looks cool@

Lindsey said...

This is all so rad!!! You did a great job!!

Lexa said...

Oh man, I am so bummed I couldn't go! That's it, I"m gonna have to do one for the next movies.

Ky said...

Wow! It fits so perfectly with the book and its description of the foods. I love the small details, like Greasy Sae's meat stew, the quotes near the berries and bread, and the slogan on the water bottles. Hope you had as much fun at the actual viewing as you did putting it together!

Lanise said...

I want to see the movie so bad!!! I haven't read the books or seen the movie so I don't understand any of it either but. . . it looked like a ton of fun and some good eatin! awesome job! Miss you guys!

April Hardy said...

Dang wish I could've come. Looks awesome!!

Cindy Ardis said...

Staci did put a lot of work into it, it was fun! Thanks for inviting us!

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