A Short List of Grate-fullness!

Okay- This new blogger is really strange.

I might just blame the mac for it though (Jab at Andrew-haha).

Just thought I should post a few things I am grateful for:

  1.  Andrew Sanders. He is extremely patient with me, even when I am throwing a tantrum. Plus he is easy on the eyes ;)
  2.  Brooklyn Sanders. Possibly the easiest baby alive. Only cries when she needs something- Smiles the other 98% of the time. Does well in the car. Has been sleeping through the night since month 2. She is extremely cute and it's hard to look away from her glowing face. She has brought SO much joy not only to our little family, but our extended as well. I actually start to miss her if her nap goes too long!
  3. My Parents. "We'll be there for you"- (the Friends theme song) would be appropriate here. My mom helps me tremendously with Brooklyn, and my dad can just walk in the door and she lights up with a HUGE grin and giggle.
  4. My Siblings. I love and miss my sisters in Arizona terribly. But they are so great to send pictures and little videos of their kids doing the darnedest things. I love getting their random updates. I can feel their love and support even from here! My brothers, keep it real. Lol.
  5. My Sanders Family. Not only are they awesome bloggers to help me stay updated and feel like I'm there, they are extremely helpful and kind! They came all the way out here to Texas for Brooklyn's blessing even though for some it was ill-timed and other hardships presented themselves. Also, they are just PLAIN FUN! I love being around them and am very comfortable to just be me around them.
  6. Chinese Food. I have been SEARCHING for my "food type". For the longest time I thought I was just the pickiest eater (which I am pretty picky). However, I believe I have found my "thing" in Chinese food! We went to this AWESOME buffet that is literally less than 5 minutes away from our home a couple of weeks ago, and I have thought about it literally EVERY day since then! It is awesome!
  7. The fact that we have two working vehicles. Enough said. Just a short time ago Andrew's red focus' transmission was going out for the second time in 2 years. I was so fed up and ticked at the thought of fixing it. The Lord blessed us enough to help us find a newer vehicle that is bigger and fits the three of us better! And the payment was only about $20 more than our previous payment! AND it has no problems. YES! Roomy and reliable. Two adjectives you need for your personal transportation.
  8. The Scriptures. They sit next to my head on my nightstand for good mojo. I need to show more gratitude by reading them more often.
  9. Marvel Comics. One word: Thor. Totally clean flick that had a great story line, the casting could NOT have been better, no skanks, no swearing, and wasn't ridiculously long. It is a joy, and he is my favorite Marvel! (The movie also has great re-watchability. That's right- I made that word up!)
  10. Books. Great pass time. Plan to look up Asgard and other Norse mythology out of love of the movie.
  11. Music. Brooklyn loves it and it can be uplifting.
AND THAT, my FRIENDS, is a short list of things that I am grateful for. And, a little bit about us!

-Sanders Out


Lindsey said...

Glad to hear all is well and happy. I agree that this Sanders family we married into is awesome. They are so cool and calm and fun. :)

Kiss that sweet baby girl for me!

Lexa said...

And the Sanders family is super grateful for you Staci :) Thanks for the quick update, it's always hard to keep up without the blogs!

Lynaya said...

The Sanders family is awesome. I love to hear all is well. I'm pretty sure that most of the reason the Brooklyn is always happy is because her parents are.

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