It's Been A Hard Days Night!

Pictured here is Brooklyn at her 4 month mark :) My sister April came to town and we had so much fun! Her kids were at good ages where it didn't take long for them to warm up to me! April pulled out her camera one day and took these awesome pictures of Brooklyn. Thank you April!

As of this past Monday, Brooklyn is now 5 months old! We have had one session of trying to feed her rice cereal! It went great! She was slurping like a pro! She is such a wonderful girl!

Pictured below is the start of our 3 month food supply! Who said canning had to be boring... or only grains? My mom made each of us kids a binder on ideas for starting our years supply of food. She challenged us to start getting at least a 3 month supply!
We have the more useful stuff like 30 lbs of beef done and 10 lbs of chicken. However, if we plan on really eating this stuff we decided to go a little crazy! So, we have 2 quarts of pecans, 2 quarts of almonds, one quart of sunflower seeds, 2 quarts of pistachios, and pints of candy! In the above picture it shows rolos, reeses pieces, mini reeses, hersheys drops, muddy buddies, and the classic m N m's! We also have 2 quarts of chex mix, and 2 quarts of chex mix "sweet n salty" variety! Woohoo!

Next group we have coming are beans, and soups! 3 month supply, here we come!

It feels good to start getting prepared!

We also just finished over General Conference weekend Brooklyn's 72 hour kit, and also updated Andrew and mine!

Check ya later!

-Sanders Out


April Hardy said...

I think you're more prepared than I am. :)

Lexa said...

I think I need to up my game. I don't have any candy in mine at all! I do have brownie mix in cans though :)

Lanise said...

COULD SHE GET ANY CUTER!!!! Oh my heavens!!! I love her smile!!! Just for warning, I am coming to your joint when it comes time to using our year supplies. I'll bring the Jam and fruit to go with the sweets :)

Rebel said...

Brownie mix? YUM! Jam? BRING IT! WE miss ALL OF YOU!

April, I doubt it ;) Andrew and I have just gotten bit by the canning bug!

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