Holiday Blues

So, last year, I was a bit saddened that I could not be around my parents and brothers for Christmas. Andrew and I had only been married about 2 weeks before we spent Thanksgiving with his parents locally in Mesa. The only thing that really surprised me was that his dad made me a gluten-free PUMPKIN PIE. I couldn't believe how good it tasted.

We decided this year that making a gluten free pumpkin pie the night before Thanksgiving was going to be a tradition for us. After much trial, and 2 stores later, we found the "Libby's" brand P. pie can filling and I made it at home at about 10pm! However, since the crust was going to be super tough & time consuming to make, We bought "tartlet" aluminum holders (They look like the aluminum pie holders, but they are like 4" across and tiny). I made 7 tiny pies w/o crusts. However, I decided to get original. On 4 of them I decided to crush pecans and placed that on the bottom of the pie. It actually turned out SUPER good! So, we will now have baby pumpkin-pecan pies every year for Thanksgiving :)

I know the holidays are supposed to be "merry & bright", but I always feel that at the end of another year, a little down. For some reason, money always has to be tight by Thanksgiving, it is not variable-- it is a definite. All I want to do is buy my husband, family, and friends wonderful gifts, but as the dollars add up, my guilt drives home too. I know it doesn't matter how much things cost, it's "the thought" and all that crap that counts. lol. IDK, I guess it's just 'cause the holidays remind me of all the things I can't have anymore. But, I also have more now: I.E. Andrew :)

Oh yes, and I am also so proud of my friends and friendly.

Jessica, just got back from a trip to Miami with her current work (They had some kind of meeting or something). She is also working super hard in order to earn a trip to Brazil next year! I know she can do it; she hasn't missed an 'earned' trip yet! Talking to her made me a little jealous: A few years ago that would of been my dream to travel the world like she does! Europe, Ireland, Miami, Brazil... how cool is that? I'm so proud of her!

Even though her Thanksgiving went to heck and fell through the morning of: She still remembered what Thanksgiving is all about: She called and talked to us individually that day, seeing what we were up to. She also made the best of it and took her beautiful family to 'Cracker Barrel' for a turkey dinner! Go Christy!

She and Drew have worked really hard and after many attempts, have finally gotten a beautiful home that they and they're 2 amazing children get to live in. I am so happy for them. They will be so much happier in a big house instead of a cramped apartment! I'm also super proud of her because of how she raises her kids. Autumn can sing and recognize letter of the alphabet. She is barely over 2! She just takes so much time with them and not only has fun, but teaches them as well! I hope I can be like that when my time comes.

There are so many others that are doing amazing things right now! If I wrote them, No one would finish reading! It just makes me wonder what I'm doing to help others around me as well.


Andrew and I stole a great deal for a 2 bed 2 bath apartment, 1130 spacious square feet of perfection! (haha, now if only the woman who lived above us would get rid of her 70 lb. dog-- It WOULD be perfect!!) The amount of room is just perfect for what we have :) The apartment is brand new, never been lived in. It has great freeway access and parking. It's great. We are still trying to finish hanging up all our photos and art on the walls, and also arranging everything. WE are almost done! Hopefully we will sometime soon!

I've also quit the security guard post that I've been working for the past month. I have never quit a job so quickly, but jeeze it was terrible! It is a part of my life that I would like the forget instead of dwell on. My NEW job is with Bryan. His chiropractic office is a little hectic right now, and he has asked me to come work full time with him! His office is only 15 minutes from the apartment, and I could sleep in till 8 every morning (Instead of 5:30 with a 45 minute drive!) I would also have Friday, Saturday, and Sundays off! 3 day weekend EVERY weekend?? SWEET! I'll take it!

So, Monday, I start full time. My old schedule was horrific: Wake up @ 5:30, get to work by 7. Work till 3, then go straight to Bryan's to work till 7. haha--fun right?? No.

Yesterday I got to wake up @ 3:45 to be at my mom's by 4:30AM! Mom, Adam, and I went shopping to Walmart and Then Target! It was way nuts! Adam stayed by me to keep from getting trampled, we got a lot of cool stuff at a sweet price! Whew! Then I went to Bryan's office to help reorganize a few things, mainly his inventory and front desk. I don't really believe in "Fungshui" or however you spell it, but there is something about having clear desk space and thigns in alphabetical order that really let me relax!

Talk to y'all later, I've spent a little too much time on here!


Momma_S said...

I know what you mean about money at the holidays. We've always struggled with that and this year will be no different.You actually get use to it and learn to focus on all the important "crap". Sounds like you are looking on the bright side.You've got a sweet husband, great new job, a family that loves you, a new tradition for yummy pumpkin pie and an apartment close to you FAVORITE Aunt.You got it made!! Call us when we can see your new digs:)Congrats!!

Christy said...

Nice post! Especially the tribute to me. Just kidding. Sounds like Dallas is treating you well. Have fun!

Andrew said...

" it's 'the thought' and all that crap." -by far my favorite part

Love you!

Lexa said...

Don't worry, you really messed yourself up on having enough money when you put your anniversary, christmas and your birthday in a 6 week period. Haha! Just kidding, and Happy Birthday!

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