Lust for Furrr

I just thought I would share how I think it is very interesting that people have such a desire to care for animals. I thought we wanted a puppy, got the terror, then got rid of that screeching nightmare within a month. I'm already begging for a kitten for Christmas... what if it's nuts?? My mom and I went to Petco today to buy dogfood and there I was, staring at guinea pigs... then ferrets (the ones with the little face masks are soSoooo cute)...

and then I was thinking about buying an iguana (only $30!!) but then I realized they live FOREVER and they emanate some kind of bacteria that can be seriously harmful to small children.

Then I saw the bearded dragons... you guessed it, I've wanted one of those for years... I walked past the fish and saw some cute TINY aquatic frogs (like an inch long) and thought they were sooo cute (ONLY $2.50!!). I realized I should just buy another beta fish.... but I couldn't think of where my fishbowl is among the masses of boxes.

Then I realized Behr (my cockatiel) was sitting at home... alone. "But he's not very playful" I justified.

Does that much turnaround happen to anyone else? Maybe my need to care for something is going off the charts.

I need a job, lol.


Sessions Family said...

We have a puppy and kitten here and getting through the potty training, running off with kids underwear, vomit, and whining at night gets old real fast. Especially with two kids who I already clean up after. It's been pretty enduring and I must like torturing myself. Although they drive me nuts, I really enjoy them. The kids like to play with them and I like the feeling of a loyal dog. Rosco will come and sit up on my lap all the time, and sometimes he'll follow me around until I will sit. lol I guess what I'm saying is that it's a lot of work, but worth if you can get a great pet out of it. :) MISS YA!

Lexa said...

I am one of the worst at picking up animals and trying to care for them. Seriously, 120 birds, 1 lamb, 2 dogs, a cat, and we have cut down by half I swear. I suggest volunteering down at the pet shelters for a while, they have to walk all those dogs each day. That would satisfy the instinct to care for animals without the bringing the problems home.

I brought home animal after animal, and had to give them up, have them die, jump to their death (beta fish), ect. and finally after 12 years I am starting to realize one or two really GOOD animals is worth all the silly ones in the world. The Russian Blue I adopted in Sierra Vista at 6 years old is the best cat EVER! And she still has a long time to live. All the others were mean and dumb as a box of rocks.

You know the volunteering thing would work also as to get to know the animal before you bring it home.

Mar said...

So I keep meaning to check out your blog and keep up with you... But I'm either out with Adam or out with you and Andrew and Adam, so my blog following (as well as updating my own) hasn't really worked out all that well. But I too find myself resisting pet stores. I'm dying for a puppy so bad!! But Adam says no. And really he's right. But I miss my darling beagles like crazy!! Nobody loves you like your adorable puppy. That is after they are house-broken... Good luck with the pet hunting. Hopefully Behr and the new kitty will get along!

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