It's been... a rough week. A couple of weeks actually. No job=no fun. I constantly stress about not being able to pull my own way to help with finances. Luckily, we are not paying our normal $700 rent for a teeny tiny apartment... which definitely helps the situation. However, I have not quite felt like myself. I need to find work so that I can feel accomplished, and also, so that Andrew and I can get our own place. I love my parent's house. It's nice, cozy, decorated nicely, full of wonderful people... but it's not full of our things... our decorations... our furniture... our bed... our dresser... our tv... our pots and pans. It's slightly uncomfortable. I definitely felt as though we were going to have an easy time sliding right into the transition here. However, with my numskull Staples idiots... I wasn't able to transfer (This in NO WAY reflects my staples). But I did know that I was not planning on staying with the company forever. It's just not what I want to do.

I don't want to be the begger who turns away cold soup or anything... but I just got my degree, and I want to do something with it. I don't want to be the girl who gets a CJ degree then goes into real estate!?! That's ridiculous. Enough about me. As we can all see I'm under a lot of pressure from... myself. On happier and brighter notes. I have a few pictures to share.

April: I thought this was a hilarious scene as all three of them (+ ROCKY) are trying to view you guys on Skype. I thought it was funnny but also really sweet. Adam (+ME) really miss Autumn & Weston a lot. I miss you too :(

Andrew went with Adam and Bryan's kiddos to a canal to go fishing. Apparently as soon as you throw your line in you catch something. However, Andrew was strangely fond of his crowning achievement:I thought it was adorable...
After the fishing expedition Andrew displayed his babysitting skillZ....

How he got ALL THREE of them to lay down at the same time is unimaginable! haha. But it was adorable that they all wanted to be like him and take a nap... even though they were faking!

Anyways, the search continues... I can't wait to get the photos from the Sanders Reunion so that I can put our picture as my blog header! :)


April Hardy said...

Wow! I feel the love. No family skype gathering is complete without Rocky. Autumn would call his name the whole time.

Momma_S said...

You should check out The Colony police department. I know they just hired a friend of mine for the office or dispatch or something and I still have that friend at Carrollton 911 you could talk to.

I know the job thing stinks. Come see us when you need a change of scenery!! We'd love to have you guys over!

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