Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!!!!

Tomorrow... is D Day. lol. Not really.

Literally about one month ago I asked by a member of the Relief Society presidency to give the lesson in RS for this week. Chapter 37: Charity. Andrew gets a call as we are laying in bed this morning at 9AM to hear his Elders Quorom President asking him to give the same lesson tomorrow as well. 4 weeks verses 24 hours?

Andrews explanation?

"That's the real difference between Elders Quorom & Relief Society."


Wish me Luck!


April Hardy said...

Good luck! I am teaching R.S. next week, and I got a week and a half notice. But him teaching E.Q. gives him two lessons to plan. Thanks for babysitting when you guys had lessons to prepare! You will be blessed in your lessons for your service!

Chris and Tara Andrus said...

Good luck! (even though its probably over by now)
I'm sure you did great!

Lexa said...

I got to teach Facing persecution with courage and faith. Yea that one was deep! Hope you had fun teaching
! I got 6 days notice.

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