So busy...

I'm so busy. Andrew hates that word "What does that mean anyway??"

Busy: adjective


2.Having too many things to do in too little time

3.Not sleeping well b/c you don't want to waste time sleeping

4. Constantly thinking about all the assignments or chores you should be doing

5. You don't know where to start

I just keep reminding myself-- This will all be over in 3 weeks... However, because of how fast I'm trying to get things done- shouldn't have to do anything the last week of class. Everything is going down April 27th... after that. I can breathe.

Andrew loves me this I know. Because he always tells me so...

"I love Andrew he loves me. I love my babe yes-sir-reee... He loves me and so you see- we are a happy family!"

"Andrew I loveee you ! Andrew I dooooo. Father in heaven has sent me to you... When I am near you, I love to hear you- Saying so softly that you love me too! Andrew I love you, I love you I do!!"

Yeah, we like to change around primary songs. haha. I figre it's not blasphemous if it creates a good atmosphere.

I guess I should stop stalling. Back to working on papers. Later


April Hardy said...

Where you put Andrews name I replaced it with my name! Boy do I feel loved. You are such a sweet sister to sing about how much you love me. ;)

Rebel said...

Lol- I love you April

Lexa said...

You are too cute Stac. I am sending good paper vibes your way ~~~~~~

Cindy Ardis said...

Love the use of primary songs, I think I'll try April's version; using my name. I didn't know how much you loved Andrew, just kidding, he's a very lucky guy. Take a deep breath and slowly let it out, do this three times, it'll help when you are stressed, if it doesn't work, beat up a pillow.

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