If I ever own a frame shop I'll name it "I WAS FRAMED!"

So, I should be finishing my paper on GALILEO but screw it. I have writer's block at 11:46 now that my 44 oz. Dr P. caffeine intoxication has worn off. I'm very distracted.




Period (.)

He fell asleep in about 30 minutes today. We were suppossed to go to the Renaissance Fair (already bought the fricken $36 tickets). However, we did not end up going to the temple last night like I wanted. So, we woke up and went this morning. I got to see a Sign Language interpretor... Oh my. It made me miss it so, so much. I almost cried it was so beautiful watching the person move their arms to create meaning and phrases. Some of the words I didn't understand because they are temple specific, but I was actually quite proud that I remembered much of what was being shared. I think once I graduate, and things slow down a little, I am going to take more sign classes, just for fun. I know it kinda sucks and doesn't make sense because I have swollen joints and a right hand that is slowly deforming from my rhematoidal arthritic like Lupus. But I miss it.

Ya know those days, those certain days where you just ... feel like yourself again? Watching him sign, made me realize how much I missed it. Just like hanging up my art on our apartment walls made me realize my slr canon that is gathering dust in its case in my closet. I can't wait to be done with school and stupid staples and be able to live again. Be able to enjoy things.

I really hope DPD works 4day 10 hour shifts instead of 5day 8 hour shifts. It would be so so much nicer.

I get to watch Parker on Tuesday and I'm excited for that. If I can just make it through my Monday night class (capstone) I will feel a heck of a lot better. You guys all know how I worry about blowing my 4.0 the last 8 weeks of my 4 year college career.

Thanks for reading. I'm exhausted. I think I'll make Andrew move over and snag my pillow out from under him... the little theif. :)


Lexa said...

I didn't know you did sign language. When Mark and I got our endowments/sealed it was a sign language session. Let me tell you it's nice to be able to read the whole session as well as listen the first time through!

I took a few sign language courses back in HS/College and loved it. Maybe we should all take a class together some day :)

Cindy Ardis said...

Staci, you certainly say it like you feel it. I hate the word sucks. Please try to find another word that describes the situation. I'm sorry you are under so much stress. It's almost over and I'm so proud of you for graduating in 4 years with a 4.0. With your health, getting married and us moving you've really had a lot of challenges, but you have not let that compromise your goals, and I admire you for that.

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