"DON'T GIVE UP. Not Yet..."

So... for now- Plan on Dallas.... DPD --- DALLAS POLICE DEPARTMENT.

6.5 inch Vertical Leap
14 Sit-ups in One Minute
300 Meter Run in One Minute 50 Seconds
4 Push Ups in One Minute
1.5 Mile Run in 19 Minutes and Nine Seconds

Doesn't sound that hard, right? Well, it is if you've hardly ever worked out and have no confidence in your physical abilities.

Well- that's about to change :)

Andrew and I are making a change. We are going to be working out 3 mornings a week. Sports and other activities will be on the off days. I'm really excited. A little scared, a little nervous. I love Andrew and he has been nothing but supportive. So-WATCH OUT!!!

Here comes the newest recruit (fingers crossed) for Dallas. Coming soon to the Dallas City near you: AUGUST 2009!!!


Lindsey said...

I have to say that I have never been a runner until I kicked myself in the butt to do it. But now doing 1.5 miles in 19 minutes sounds really easy. I used the "couch to 5k" running program; I found it online and it works really well. It starts you out small, running for 30 to 60 seconds at a time and walking in between. Then you just keep adding time as you go. Really gentle, but you could EASILY get to your goal by August.

Also, since it worked for me, maybe you could sign yourself up for a 5K as an incentive. I didn't have the goal to run the whole way, just to run as much as I could and to FINISH. It kept me motivated because I had to pay $35 for it (always for a charity of some sort) and since there was money involved, I couldn't let myself back out. If you don't sign up for a race, you could do a community, co-ed softball team or something like that too.

Anyway, there's a bunch of unsolicited advice for you! Ultimately, I'm just happy for you to have goals and be working so hard to achieve them. You can do it!!

The Canciennes said...

Most of the stuff sounds really easy. Then you get to the mile and a half run in 20 minutes. If that were me, I'd be looking for another job! LOL Good luck though. It always helps to have someone do it with you. Ryan would never diet or excercise with me. I guess that's what I get for marrying a man who can eat anything and not gain an ounce. Women would kill to be him.

Christy said...

How did you find these requirements out?

I'm joining a gym. Wanna do it with me?

Cindy Ardis said...

I'm pulling for you. You can do it. Just imagine how good you'll feel. The hardest part is starting out, but once you get into a routine, it becomes habit. That's what i hear anyway, not that i'm experienced with working out or anything! I did get the wii fitness--out of the box. In all fairness, I did have two broken feet. I'm not crazy about my daughter becoming a police officer but I know it something you want really bad. Good luck.

Sessions Family said...

Thats awesome! You'll feel better too, working out releases endorphins. Also another fun thing to do is Carmen Electras striptease workouts. I know you're blushing, but they are fun and really give you a workout! :)

roadtrip said...

Moving eh? Man, barely see you guys now as it is. Good luck though, that's awesome. If you're ever offered Zoomba classes at MCC or a Gym, highly suggest doing it.

Lexa said...

Mark can give you the "Academy" workout regimine if you want. He went down like 40 pounds in 6 months at the academy, and 8 inches on his waist. It's designed for the academy. Just hollar if you are interested.

I suggest water aerobics. Water has the effect of helping you work harder without the higher heartrate (something about the water pressing against your body, I had a few different trainers explain it once) and it gives you the muscle tone everywhere like the swimmer's body.

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