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Yeah- I'm engaged! It is sooo crazy to think about! Sometimes when it gets quiet... and he's laying his head in my arms.... It almost feels like it's not real. Has anyone else had that feeling? Sometimes when I'm watching him walk towards me, I get that "deja vu" feeling that I'd been there before. It's weird.

I'm totally in love, and now that it's 1 am, It's officially 36 DAYS!!! Woah! That's crazy! Still so much to do! I just... wow. I know it's him- without a doubt. That's what makes me excited- the only part I'm nervous about is the fact that I am so young. I feel immature in some ways- but I think I have just been trying to go against the sterotypes of all the lds girls I don't get along with, and now I'm one of them.
But hey, at least I'm actually marrying someone I am 100% totally, madly in love with. I'll devote my life, love, and happiness to him and our future together. Isn't it EXCITING?!
Ah, how do people deal with long engagements-> I'll NEVER UNDERSTAND!

Here's what I mean; (NO! It's not photoshopped!!!)

(I set this one up- SO IN LOVE!)

Thanks for reading guys <3 You



Chris and Tara Andrus said...

:) So in love *sigh*

Christy said...

I found you! It took some work but I found you blog!

Cute post by the way.

aprilhardy said...

Yes, a 5 month engagement to Drew was murder. We had to keep ourselves busy! And yes, youre the typical lds girl, ain't no shame.

Lindsey said...

If you think you're too young, it means you're mature enough to realize what "too young" is, which means you're NOT too young!

And don't worry too much about being like all the stereotypical mormon girls--you're really nothing like them. I mean, you want to be a part of a police department--that's not typical! :)

Besides, your life is your own, and you'll make the right decisions for YOU, and no one can judge that.

Cameron Owens said...

Hey you guys look great

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