So, I love my husband- yeah "HUSBAND"-still weird to say! It's our first Christmas season together. It's not that I'm nervous... or anythin'. I just miss my family. My sisters are still in the valley. Which, hey, I love them to death and I think I'm getting closer to them now that I can semi relate to their stage in life... Though- their's involve kiddos.

Me and Andrew have decided to stall on having children for as long as possible. 2-3 years maybe. No doubt we'll have the cutest kids on the planet though. I mean come on, have you seen our baby pictures??

Oh yeah- and they're gonna be happy! : D

Well, just trying to get into the habit of updating on here... we just got internet Saturday! WOOHOO! I'm SO glad. I haven't had internet since the end of AUGUST! JEEZE! It was painful!

Anyway guys, love you!




Boys Night Out

"Are you coming?" Brian asked.
"Nah," I replied, "I would... but I'm not a guy."
"Well, I could be a girl for tonight. Then it really wouldn't be a guy's night." (Brian)

Haha. I love that kid. When Andrew was telling me that he needed a "Wings Night out with the boys", I was more than supportive. Believe me, I understand that I can't fill all needs. I'm sure one of these days I will need a girls night out.... eventually. lol.

Ack. It's only been like... 2 hours. I miss him. I am so lame. haha.

Tomorrow's my 22nd birthday... Whew. So old. This past year has been absolutely nuts! I cannot believe all that has happened.

I'm afraid I may have hurt Andrew's feelings the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday). When I sent a text to my friend stating "Do not get married... The 12 plagues of Egypt will find you." I didn't write it to be mean, I just wrote it because since we had been married. Everything has gone wrong.

We have both been sick since the wedding, me imparticular. I've had to go to a doctor twice. Then I was running to my car Friday morning at 5:20 am to get to work by 5:30 for the Black Friday Staples rush- when I found that my car was broken into. My whole driver side window was smashed to pieces. They didn't get away with much, but it still sent me reeling, and I'm still a little bitter.

Today after work I stopped in the office to file my complaint about the gate being open for a week straight at night. I was stern, slightly intimidating, and a little stubborn. I basically told them I was not leaving until I got a new parking spot closer to my apartment. I WON! After 3 months, this was my second try at getting it changed. I guess you just have to know how to throw your weight around. Anyway, now I have a spot that I can see from all the front windows of the apartment. WOOHOO!

Anyway, I think I'm gonna head home and see if he's home yet :)

Thanks for... reading?



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