So, I love my husband- yeah "HUSBAND"-still weird to say! It's our first Christmas season together. It's not that I'm nervous... or anythin'. I just miss my family. My sisters are still in the valley. Which, hey, I love them to death and I think I'm getting closer to them now that I can semi relate to their stage in life... Though- their's involve kiddos.

Me and Andrew have decided to stall on having children for as long as possible. 2-3 years maybe. No doubt we'll have the cutest kids on the planet though. I mean come on, have you seen our baby pictures??

Oh yeah- and they're gonna be happy! : D

Well, just trying to get into the habit of updating on here... we just got internet Saturday! WOOHOO! I'm SO glad. I haven't had internet since the end of AUGUST! JEEZE! It was painful!

Anyway guys, love you!




April Hardy said...

hurray for internet! and both of you were very cute babies. You have no rush on children...I am pushing 30 so I need to get these children out so I can be done. :) But we are waiting for atleast 2 years after Weston comes so maybe you and I will have a kid close to the same age!

Lindsey said...

Yes, you'll have cute kids together! :)

Definitely no rush on having kids. Malcom and I also decided to wait 2-3 years before starting and it ended up being 5-6! We kept praying about it so we knew that we were doing the right thing in waiting.

Although, I have to say that my experience and my friends' experiences lead me to believe that as much as we "plan" these things, babies just happen when they're supposed to. Our friends just had their second "happy accident"--they have never TRIED to get pregnant, but it sure has happened!

Glad you're trying to update your blog more often--it's always good to hear from you.

The Canciennes said...

Your baby pictures kind of look alike!

Lynaya said...

I say it is OK to wait for children, however I would just like to put in a little warning. Ky and I were married for 3 years when Braydee was born, we did not use any form of birth control either, anyway, I think we had a hard adjustment of not being able to go and do whatever we wanted. By all means do not let that scare you into having children, after all they do tend to come plan or no plan. Just enjoy each other for now.

The Fords said...

Ryan and I were talking about waiting 2-3 years for kids too. And then I decided I couldn't wait that long. So now, I'm pregnant.

Oh yeah, I'm with Kerrie. Those pictures are very similar.

Lexa said...

One things for sure, the kids SMILE will be gorgeous :) And hopefully as happy. Yes, Kids pretty much come when its God's plan I dare say. I wish I could of had a little more time with Mark before we had ours, Katrina was born 13 months after our wedding, Caroline 20 months after Katrina. So we didn't have a lot of alone time just normal. I mean, poor Mark couldn't even get used to my mood swings until Caroline was a year old, I was always pregnant or nursing for the first 4 years of marriage.
But on that note, so glad you guys are back online, I get lost without seeing anyone online :)

Cindy Ardis said...

You guys were cute babies, and you still are, cute that is. I don't blame you for waiting, good luck on that. I miss you and am so glad you have the internet now. Can't wait to read more of what's going on with you two.

Tanya and Chris said...

You are such a newly wed. I am glad you love your hubby so much! I can't wait to meet him in person. Any plans to visit Utah?

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