Lust for Furrr

I just thought I would share how I think it is very interesting that people have such a desire to care for animals. I thought we wanted a puppy, got the terror, then got rid of that screeching nightmare within a month. I'm already begging for a kitten for Christmas... what if it's nuts?? My mom and I went to Petco today to buy dogfood and there I was, staring at guinea pigs... then ferrets (the ones with the little face masks are soSoooo cute)...

and then I was thinking about buying an iguana (only $30!!) but then I realized they live FOREVER and they emanate some kind of bacteria that can be seriously harmful to small children.

Then I saw the bearded dragons... you guessed it, I've wanted one of those for years... I walked past the fish and saw some cute TINY aquatic frogs (like an inch long) and thought they were sooo cute (ONLY $2.50!!). I realized I should just buy another beta fish.... but I couldn't think of where my fishbowl is among the masses of boxes.

Then I realized Behr (my cockatiel) was sitting at home... alone. "But he's not very playful" I justified.

Does that much turnaround happen to anyone else? Maybe my need to care for something is going off the charts.

I need a job, lol.

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