Hey Heather, I would like to see your family's blog. I noticed that I hadn't seen any new updates lately and then noticed your last post I could see was the one that said you were going private! I miss reading yours!

Andrew and I are quite nervous, and quite excited at the same time. We feel it is our time to leave Arizona.

I was talking to a customer today about the move. He said something like, "Well you were meant to come here, I'm sure of it."

"Oh, I know I was meant to move here. Stop here, just for a little while. I graduated high school here, college here, I found my husband here. I know I was meant to come here, but we weren't meant to stay here."

He just nodded along. He was in a remarkably solemn mood for the occasion.

I think it's funny how at work people (customers) keep saying "Your movin!?! I'll have to make sure and come by one last time before you go! That's a real shame. We're gonna miss you. I'm sure the store will too."

We'll see.

Andrew and I were laughing the other day about how on my last day I will probably tear up a little, be a little sad when people say goodbye for the last time... that is until they call me to the back and present my cake.. which will probably not be gluten free. lol. It'll be fun anyway. I'd be surprised if they actually found me a GF cake. Watch them by me cookies or something-- way easier.

16 more days.... SIXTEEN MORE DAYS!

I am sure to try and spend as much time as possible with my neices/nephews/and sisters. I love you guys. My friends too ;) Jessica, I will miss you enormously.


I've been feeling... nostalgic lately. Even though it seems like we don't have much time to just sit and think quietly amongst ourselves anymore, I still find a few silent moments at work between jobs and customers.

Yesterday I randomly started thinking about how much my parents must love us kids. Andrew and I have only been married for 8+ months, and I can see why some couples decide to have kids really soon after getting hitched. I am starting to get really excited bout having a baby "bundle of joy" that hopefully will be ridiculously good looking and have the dimples and bright blue eyes of his daddy. It'll be nice, once we establish residency, that we will feel as though we have roots somewhere. A firm footing. Somewhere that eventually we will start our family.

Anywho, started thinking about when I was younger, and for some reason the memory of me standing in the kitchen (I believe it was the one on Paddock) and listening to my mom on the phone talking to my dad. I was young because I could barely see over the counters and they were talking about 'The Lion King'. I remember I had been collecting the McDonald's toys, trying to get the whole set... plus I was totally into Mickey Ds. I remember my mom telling my dad that there was a McDonalds on the way home from his work that said that the toy in their stores' was one of the last few I needed (I think it was "Scar" actually!). My dad said sure he would pick me up a 'Happy Meal' and try to make sure it had the right toy in it.

Simple. Random Acts of Kindness.

Now is that good parenting or what? Some might say they were totally spoiling me by calling 20 McDonalds just to find out if they had the toy I wanted. However, I don't remember begging them to look it up, I remember asking if there was a way to get the last ones. Then I could see my mom grabbing the phone book and start dialing. Spoiled? Maybe. But I saw pure love in this memory. For them, they might remember this incident and think "It was just a toy". But do they know that I still have that set in one of my tubs in the closet? Maybe not. I'm 22 now and long past the days of collecting 'Happy Meal' toys, but I can still remember how kind my parents were to me, just trying to take care of me.

This brought a tear to my eye as the last of the memory faded into black and I was brought back into my work reality of florescent lights and running copiers. I sent them both a message about how glad I am that they are my parents and that I know they sacrificed a lot for us kids to make sure that we were always taken care of. They raised us right: and look at us now! 4 out of 5 already married in the temple, 3 out of those 4 have kids, and my parents posterity continues to grow in righteousness. It's enough to bring tears to anyone's thoughtful eyes.

Thanks Mom & Dad!
Love You Long Time.


Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!!!!

Tomorrow... is D Day. lol. Not really.

Literally about one month ago I asked by a member of the Relief Society presidency to give the lesson in RS for this week. Chapter 37: Charity. Andrew gets a call as we are laying in bed this morning at 9AM to hear his Elders Quorom President asking him to give the same lesson tomorrow as well. 4 weeks verses 24 hours?

Andrews explanation?

"That's the real difference between Elders Quorom & Relief Society."


Wish me Luck!


Discouragement is a Brawler

I'm so tired.

I don't understand.

I want to walk away.

I wish I could sleep.

I've forgotten my will.

I don't want a fight.

What more can I do?



Well, if it totally was not official when we signed our "Notice for Non-Renewal" with our apartment complex, it is official now! We called Penske tonight and reserved a truck & other miscellaneous items (car hauler, dollie, blankets). I'm getting kind of nervous. Don't get me wrong, I'm still siked, but a little nervous. What wasn't already in clear plastic totes, is now in cardboard boxes. We have probably 2/3 of our apartment already packed away. The only stuff left is some clothes, the kitchen & bathroom.

Mom & Dad are suppossed to be getting a call from "Eric the Realtor" sometime soon to set up some times to see the 2 houses that Andrew and I are totally interested in. I'm a little nervous that the house isn't going to work out and all this stress, paperwork, investigation, and time will be for nothing. It's practically a "day-mare".

These are the two houses we are deliberating:

Even though I've always had a "dream house" of red brick. I really am looking forward to seeing the grey one. I think it's pretty :)


Happy 4th

So, this morning was fun. Andrew and I awoke early to be at the church by 7 so that we could decorate the car. I forgot to take pictures--(I KNOW!) But we taped two small flags to my baby antennae & we had a small string-banner-type-thingee.. that had 8 small plastic flags that were sttached by a thnner white plastic string that we tied from the driver's safety belt holder around the back windshield and then tied to the safety belt holder loop on the passenger side.
Then Andrew led the bike parade in the 'stang w/ the windows down blaring patriotic music. we drove through a nearby neighborhood. ALL the kids & parents decorated their bikes! It was SOOO fun. I was really surprised. I didn't think a lot of them would- but they all did! So fun! I was the "safety supervisor" and would bring up the rear on Smurf (my blue motorcycle). Well, go figure all the ones with training wheels were left in the dust so I stayed behind with them. It was really fun! It was like herding little duckies & I was the Momma! When we came to Houston (which isn't a main road but it is off a main road and does get some traffic) I blocked the road w/ my bike so no one would pass so the wee-little-ones could cross the road in safety. i think that's when I felt like a duck momma the most! haha.
There was a short program and brekfast afterwards. It was tons o' fun!
After that, we didn't have to clean up b/c there were a million others helping, so we got to leave a little early. We came home & I ate some cereal before Andrew & I headed over to Staples. We bought this SWEET mahogany apothecary table for $40(normally $200)! No joke! It is sweeet! We had fun trying to shove it in the trunk with 110 degree murderous sunlight. We drove home at 35mph going 6 miles on side streets & we only hit 1 red light! It was nuts. haha.
We called the Texas folks to see how they were doing. They said it'd be okay with them if they went and toured the couple of houses we are seriously looking at. Everything with our loan applications are going well and our realtor is super nice and helpful! We talked to Adam for a moment and he had NO IDEA that we were moving there! Nuts huh? He thought we were just visiting. lol! I'm excited to come out and live by them all. It'll be fun.
Right now I believe the timid dates for the "Sanders Reunion" is the late night (like dinner time meet up/start) of Friday, August 7th through Sunday August 9th. We would leave with our Penske truck Monday the 10th and try to drive... and drive... and drive.
Well, I have loads of frames to take care of and pack (if any of you know how many frames I have, you understand!) so I better go

HAPPY 4th!!!

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