So... because I'm a senior in college-- I think I should get a senior discount at Denny's or wherever else those things are given. How about a "Golden Apple" card from Applebee's. Why? Because I don't see why really old people get discounts for being old. YEA! They've lived to be 65! Give them some funds. Yet, we do not have military discounts until they turn 65 and start getting the senior discounts. Sounds unfair to me.

I have about 3 assignments left of the semester. Seriously, I think my brain has just gone "KA-PUT!" My capstone paper... is due the 27th. So, that's technically 7 days. Today I have been completely braindead. I am so tired. I don't feel well. I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. I'm bored. I'm distracted. I just... can't seem to do it. Everyone says "How proud they are". I am excited to be graduating. Can't wait. I think the real reason I am having so many issues with these papers is because I know they're my last ones for a long... long.... LONG time. Just got a little teary eyed thinking about it. Yet, I just can't seem to get started on this paper. I actually took some time today to put all the little pieces together (Definition of terms, abbreviations, bibliography, abstract page, table of contents) and I have 11 pages so far!... Yet. I can't count the bib. pages so I'm down to 8. That means that I just need 22 more! I haven't really even started my paper. I have no meat. I have everything else that surrounds it done. I just can't believe that the "FIRE" hasn't been lit under my butt yet. It is due in SEVEN DAYS! I know I will finish it. I know I will. I won't let myself not finish. I just hope it's good. NO! I hope it's STUPENDOUS! This is suppossed to be "THE CROWN JEWEL" of my college career. I have worked way too hard to screw this last 8 weeks up. And what am I suppossed to do after I graduate? I'm already planning on getting a second job during the summer to help the time go by and to earn some extra cash for the move. That is a whole other ballgame. I am excited to leave here... SO EXCITED. I just am a slight bit nervous of my job openings once I get there.

Maybe if I wasn't so distracted by work... and the BOREDOM VORTEX it creates... or HOME, with laundry, dishes, straightening up... or other classes and their stupid filler assignments.... or helping Andrew out with his.... or MAYBE if I hadn't gottena call from a girl semi-last minute asking me to be on the STAKE ENRICHMENT COMMITTEE for an activity I won't even be in town for, I would be better off. I wouldn't be stuck thinking about it everyday, and having to make NINE posters for them. It's all rediculous. And I've worked REALLY hard on these posters... and they look like crap. And not only will I have to announce the activity to the ward and point out the poster in the Relief Society room, but there will also be one posted in the Young Women's room where Andrew teaches his class and the PRIMARY room! It is going to haunt me for the next 3 weeks!

I guess I sound really ungrateful about the whole thing. I should be grateful to give service. It's just so hard when you feel like the whole world is crashing down on you. It all comes down to this. After April 27th, after the paper is turned in and the presentation is over... I will either feel RELIEVED or FRIGHTENED! Let's hope it's relieved so that I can finish up the rest of my assignments that are all due the 1st.

I'm so tired. Sorry for the rant. I can hardly see the screen anymore. Partly from tears but mostly because my eyes have gotten really bad in the past little while... like a few weeks time i noticed how bad they were getting. I am getting them checked on Thursday though, Hope there's nothing seriously wrong.




So busy...

I'm so busy. Andrew hates that word "What does that mean anyway??"

Busy: adjective


2.Having too many things to do in too little time

3.Not sleeping well b/c you don't want to waste time sleeping

4. Constantly thinking about all the assignments or chores you should be doing

5. You don't know where to start

I just keep reminding myself-- This will all be over in 3 weeks... However, because of how fast I'm trying to get things done- shouldn't have to do anything the last week of class. Everything is going down April 27th... after that. I can breathe.

Andrew loves me this I know. Because he always tells me so...

"I love Andrew he loves me. I love my babe yes-sir-reee... He loves me and so you see- we are a happy family!"

"Andrew I loveee you ! Andrew I dooooo. Father in heaven has sent me to you... When I am near you, I love to hear you- Saying so softly that you love me too! Andrew I love you, I love you I do!!"

Yeah, we like to change around primary songs. haha. I figre it's not blasphemous if it creates a good atmosphere.

I guess I should stop stalling. Back to working on papers. Later


I know who my father is

There is this crazy dude at work: We call him "Clayton". Lately he's been coming in twice or more a week to "work" with me. He is either nuttier than Mr. Peanut or bloody brilliant. I'm leaning towards crazy. He takes pictures of rocks and finds 'pictures' or 'carvings' in them. He is trying to link them all together to the same artist way back when. Somehow this is going to prove the existence of the 'Arc of the Covenant' and the actual location of Atlantis, and I wouldn't be surprised if it proved the family geneology of Big Foot. I don't know what they have to do with any of this. So Don't ask me. I was actually enjoying "playing along" on Friday, instead of acting interested then thoroughly annoyed. However, as usual, because of how much attention he demands, there was a line of people looking hungruly at me behind the counter when I turned around from the computer. So, he actually apologized and said I would be right with them. One lady said something to the effect of: "I just need to know if I can do this in the self-serve or if she needs to do it for me."
His reply?
"If you want it done right you'll have her do it!" with a HUGE grin.
Her reaction was almost offended, and my glare to him should of killed him. Did he really want me to take MORE time with someone else, making him wait even longer? Stupid. Anyway, seeing the look on the woman's face he laughs: "Hey, it's okay. I can say that! She's my daughter!"
The look of disgust on my face was enough for everyone to take a step back from the counter. I told him to leave the copy center area. I walked over to the women and as they started to describe their job, I completely ignored them and said "THAT is NOT MY DAD". They looked at me really confused. "He is crazy if he thinks he has any attachment to me."

He asked how much I made. I said "Not enough("to deal with you"<-I added in my head)." He said, "Ya know, when all this is set through you're going to come work for me." (" Not in your wildest dreams," I thought smugly. Slightly smiling at the fact that I'm not telling him I'm moving... so one of these days in August he is going to walk in and realize I'm not there to do his stupid little projects anymore.) He has promised me that once his portfolio comes together and he gets them to "the right people", he will buy me a GT mustang. I'm not keeping my hopes up.

Anyway, just wanted to say,

I'm proud of my dad and my lineage. I have good blood- not crazy blood. I've gotten a lot of good qualities from my parents-

  • kind smile
  • generous attitude
  • Nose
  • Honest care for people
  • Rosy Cheeks

  • Work Ethic
  • Laser-like focus (When I want it)
  • Southern Temper
  • Curly Hair
  • Want to work with my hands
  • Get going so we can get back

Love you guys

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